The Story Approach

to Link Building and Content Marketing

Publishers love story content…

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Here’s why ‘The Story Approach’ is so powerful:

Attracts attention, publicity and links – by capturing real experiences that makes your content stand out

Generates truly unique content because your conversations are unique – there’s no-one else there, just you and your interviewee.

Gives people a rare chance to talk and be listened to – so their answers sparkle with vivid thoughts and feelings.

Uses search engine friendly, natural language – the words people use when they speak and when they search

Makes content easy to write – so you’ll breeze through your daily assignments and rarely miss a deadline

Grabs your reader’s attention and draws them into your content – they’ll keep reading to the very end because they want to know what happens

Delights publishers and link prospects alike – because your pitches offer them something different to the mountain of ordinary pitches that smother their inboxes.

What will the course cover?

  • Why people stories are so important to content marketing
  • Why content marketing will become increasingly difficult – and how you have to raise your game to succeed
  • The secrets of turning people stories into fantastic content
  • Why publishers love people stories – and are likely to publish them
  • The ‘link building’ potential of people stories – and how you can take advantage of the opportunities
  • How to pitch people stories effectively to publishers, editors, journalists and bloggers
  • How to find people stories in any company – using 4 rich and reliable sources
  • How to engage with customers so that they give you stories that help you sell
  • Why company founders often don’t realise the potential of their own stories – and how you can help them to do so
  • How to harness your team’s daily experiences to show the attractive, human face of your business
  • How to identify, approach and interview significant influencers in your industry
  • How to plan and set up interviews effectively
  • How to organise interview material so that people’s stories are always at your fingertips
  • How to create multiple pieces of content from interviews.

Indeed, you will learn everything you need to know to use people’s stories to create successful link building and content marketing campaigns. We’ll be adding new content regularly – and of course, we’ll be here to answer your questions promptly!

And your participation is completely risk-free – there’s a rock-solid, 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

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Meet Your Instructors


Ken McGaffin


Ken is a consultant in digital marketing and video production for more than 20 years, helping scores of digital companies build their web presence, tap into new markets, and develop “magnetic” content that draws attention from customers, journalists, and bloggers alike.

Ken is Director of PR Services at Citation Labs and writes regularly on the Majestic Blog, Search Engine Watch and many others. He’s taught over 12,000 students online and has worked with companies such as Majestic, SkilledUp,  Wordtracker and Buzzstream. 


Kristina Welch


Kristina is an experienced journalist who is now a full-time content marketer. She has conducted interviews with many hundreds of people, written compelling content based on their answers, and successfully pitched hundreds of blogs and news sites. 

Over the last two years, Kristina has pioneered the Story Approach with and, winning coverage and valuable editorial links from a wide variety of publishers.

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And your participation is completely risk-free – there’s a rock-solid, 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.